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Odin Land provides office leasing services, established by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, many years of experience in the industry. Being the leasing agent of 400 professional office buildings grade A,B,C in the inner districts of Hanoi.Odin Land has experienced staffs. Operate according to efficient service procedures, ability to provide abundant in quantity, diverse in area, price. Odin Land will ensure that customers will be able to lease office space quickly, meet the operational requirements with the most appropriate cost.

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Customer feedback about Odin Land

Mr. Hoang Son

CEO Hi Studio

I am working in Saigon, thanks to Odin Land that I found the best space to open my own photography office. Thanks Odin Land.

Mr. Tran Thien

CEO & FOUNDER at Thien Tran

Thanks Odin Land for helping me find the office to develop business. Wish Odin Land always succeed in work.


General Director BON Vietnam JV Co.

Very satisfied with the service of Odin Land. Thanks to Odin Land to understand the needs of customers, effective consultants, professional services

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