Da Nang is a central city, located in the South Central region of Vietnam. Da Nang has 6 districts and 2 districts and is the economic, financial, political, cultural, tourist, social, educational, training, scientific and technological center of the region Central - Highlands and the whole country. Da Nang is the most important city in Central Vietnam and one of the five centrally-governed cities in Vietnam.

Hai Chau

Odin Land distributes, operates and manages buildings, office buildings in Da Nang. Currently, Odin Land…

Diện tích : 21,35 km²

Dân số : 221,324 ng

Tòa nhà : 50 tòa

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son is an inner city district of Da Nang city. Ngu Hanh Son…

Diện tích : 37 km²

Dân số : 105.237 ng

Tòa nhà : 20 tòa

Thanh Khe

Thanh Khe is a district located near the center of Da Nang City, was established…

Diện tích : 9 km²

Dân số : 205,341 ng

Tòa nhà : 60 tòa

Lien Chieu

Lien Chieu is a district in Da Nang City. Is a young industrial district, distributed…

Diện tích : 75 km²

Dân số : 170.153 ng

Tòa nhà : 25 tòa

Son Tra

Son Tra is an inner city district of Da Nang city. Son Tra district borders…

Diện tích : 60 km²

Dân số : 173,455 ng

Tòa nhà : 30 tòa

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